Friday, April 5, 2013

Now available for sale - Intertwined!

If you are finding me via CrazyMomQuilts - welcome!

(If you would like to buy this pattern - the links to the right will take you either to Craftsy or Etsy, where the pattern is available for sale for $4.)

The pipeline got reordered a bit - and this quilt got bumped up the list. It's a nice, easy quilt to make, and I love how it turned out! Each Intertwined block measures 22.5" square, making this a perfect pattern if you need to make a bed-size quilt in a hurry!

In my sample, I used three colours of fabric - a dark blue, a light blue and a green. I made 9 blocks, and added 2 borders apart from the sashing, making this ~80" square. Not bad at all for a few evenings' work!

It's pretty windy outside. I had a tough time trying to get good photos. In the end, I sort of gave up. Here are some outtakes!

If you like the pattern, would you do me a huge favour? Could you go leave a comment on Craftsy? Comments help bump the pattern up, and I'd love for people to see this and buy this!


  1. I saw this pattern when it was a work in progress and loved it. The finished quilt is wonderful. What a great pattern.

  2. Very nice design!

  3. Very nice - found you via Richard and Tanya quilts link a finish friday. :)

  4. Wonderful pattern! Good luck with it! It sure is priced to sell!