Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coming soon (April 26) - Phoenix Flight

About a week back, I'd devoted some time to drafting and writing instructions for another kolam quilt, which I rather fancifully called Phoenix Flight. (There was something a bit bird-like about the pattern?)

I sent it off to my aunt to test out for me. And lo and behold, to my surprise, I got these pictures in my email box this morning.

My aunt rocks!

Now my aunt is a crazy-experienced quilter, who routinely takes on complicated projects that I would never even approach, and finishes them with aplomb. So, this was probably entirely too easy a project for her - she said it took her two days. (In the middle of other life things, of course.)

It won't take me two days, but it is a nice easy project, which finishes up to a lap quilt size.

I do need to have a little chat with her about pattern errors, etc. before the pattern becomes available for sale. (Also, a final pressing, and high resolution outdoor photos...) But I thought it was a fun little WIP...

Look for Phoenix Flight to go on sale - probably on April 26th. 


  1. This is gorgeous! Well done!

  2. How pretty! What a gorgeous pattern :)

  3. Wow! Very cool pattern! I look forward to see the quilt finished and the pattern available.