Thursday, March 21, 2013

The pipeline...

There's a bit of a pipeline here at Global Nomad Quilts - multiple projects in the works, ideas sketched on my laptop (I used to use Powerpoint to sketch, but I've upgraded to Adobe Illustrator and I love it!), quilts in the process of being made, and finished quilt patterns that need one final scrub of the instructions before they get published.

The next pattern that will actually go on sale is the one I sneak-peeked the other day with what is undoubtedly the world's worst picture. I've decided to call this one "Dancing Stars". I could wait to get it quilted - but I'm quite impatient, and I got a pretty nice picture of it yesterday - so I think I'll just use this picture as the cover image for the pattern. (It's a pretty easy quilt pattern - makes an 84"x 84" quilt top - the blocks are set on point, but they are big blocks, and this is quick to construct.)

In the meanwhile, my mother and my cousin are testing the pattern shown in the image below at the moment.

In addition, my aunt is impatiently awaiting a set of instructions to test a different pattern. Here, I'm the reason of the delay - I'm yet to write them. It takes a good amount of time - Moroccan Morning took 10 hours to write - I woke up one Saturday morning, and spent the entire day writing and drawing.

And now, back to work!


  1. Dancing Stars is so bright and colorful! So cheery on a spring day that looks more like winter here in Colorado!

  2. Wow! LOVE the colors,beautiful and energizing!