Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Moroccan Morning - pattern testers needed!

The plan for Global Nomad Quilts is a new pattern every month. However, I think at that rate, I'll face some serious rebellion from my mother and my aunt, who both tested out Infinite Pathways from me.

I therefore turn to you, dear readers, with a plea for help. Would you like to be a pattern tester for Global Nomad Quilts?

The next quilt pattern is called Moroccan Morning. The inspiration for this one is Moroccan tile-work. I love the colors and the patterns of this tile work, and every time I see a tile pattern, I itch to replicate it in quilt form.

Moroccan Morning comes in 5 sizes, Crib, Lap, Twin, Full, Queen and King. It will require 3 solid colors - in my inspiration image, the colors were a turquoise blue, a sunny yellow and white - but you could use any three colors that have some contrast to them. There are two types of pieced blocks, and the quilt pattern will be doable by an ambitious beginner with a few quilts under their belt.

What am I looking for in a pattern tester?

- You must be comfortable printing out the pattern at home - I'll be sending you a PDF pattern.
- Confident beginner and above level quilters are preferred.
- You must provide your own fabric and notions for sewing the test quilt.
- You must be willing to sew the test quilt promptly, within 4 weeks of receiving the pattern. The pattern is easy and very do-able in that time frame.
- You must provide feedback and images of the finished top, and be okay with me posting these pictures on this blog.
- Ideally, you must have a blog and write a blog post about the pattern. I'll be honest, this is a very new pattern company, and I'd love some publicity.

That seems like a lot, and I appreciate all the help in advance. As thanks, if you finish the quilt and send me usable images of the finished quilt/quilt top, I'll send you a code for a 50% discount on this and all future Global Nomad Quilt PDF patterns. (The fine print: Only one discount per pattern - so you can't buy 50 of the same pattern, and the discount is for your personal use.)

If you are interested, please leave me a comment on this post with your email address, and I'll contact you if I need your help.



  1. I am interested as tester.

  2. if you are still needing people i'm interested as well!! ~whitney

    whitmanaz (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. I am interested. nt9162 (at) gmail (dot) com