Monday, July 29, 2013

Intertwined gets a photoshoot!

Intertwined has been the quilt on my bed for a few weeks now, and it was time to launder it this weekend. While it was hanging on the clothesline, I spent a bit of time taking pictures - I haven't really taken photos of it since it was quilted and bound, and again, Pauline, my long-arm quilter had done an exceptional job quilting it.

Beautiful blue skies. Too nice a day to be doing laundry, really, but I was out to hang the clothes on the line...

I also worked a bit on my next quilt. It is turquoise and navy blue - intense, saturated colours, I love it! I'm hoping to have it done by Friday.

How did you spend the weekend, and did you have beautiful weather? 


  1. Great photos, think you had better weather than we did :)

  2. Gorgeous colors and I love the pattern!

  3. Beautiful quilt, love the design and the colors. Looks like a very complicated design, great work!

  4. WOW beautiful! I love the design and quilting pattern, congrats on a great finish!!