Thursday, May 16, 2013

Now available for sale - Finlay's Stars

Yes! I did finish the quilt in time! (I might have given myself carpal tunnel syndrome or something in the process though - my right hand is very sore. Ugh.) However, I love making baby quilts as gifts - they are super-distinctive, but piece up and quilt up a lot easier than a larger size. I even got to baste this on my dining table, vs. on the floor, and my back was thanking me!

With Finlay's Stars, the most work was trimming the half-square triangles to the right dimension, but apart from that, pretty smooth sailing. (Quilting was a lot of work though - I painstakingly outline-quilted every windmill-ish shape as well as every star - which makes the quilt look fantastic, but was a lot of work!)

Of course, I did have a lot of help with this quilt - my cat Biscuit was intimately involved in both the quilting and the binding process!

Lots of pictures to follow - this project pretty much took over my life for all of the last week, so I'm going to show several photos of it!
All pieced-up, before adding a border 
Basting on a dining table...

Biscuit *helps* with the quilting...

Quilting detail. With bonus bits of thread, which hopefully came out in the wash... 

|Biscuit *helps* with the binding... (don't worry, I washed the quilt prior to giving it to the mom-to-be!)

Another photo of the finished quilt. I'm pretty impressed with my quilting diligence. 
(I did just mostly steal this post from my regular sewing blog - I rarely cross-post, but this actually is both personal sewing as well as a Global Nomad pattern.)

The pattern's available right now through my Craftsy store - Etsy to follow after the long weekend, I think. (I have to pack, but if I have time, I'll put it up on Etsy tomorrow morning.)